GOLD Reimbursement and ILL Statistics 4th Qtr FY2007. Over $22,000 being Returned to Georgia Libs

Happy summer and early fall GOLD Member Libraries,

4th Quarter FY2007 ILL Borrowing and Lending Statistics and the Reimbursement Payments for Loan Activity Conducted from Apr-June 2007 are in the final stages of preparation and are almost ready for distribution. A chart of institutions qualifying for the 4th quarter reimbursement payments will be available in the gold area of the GPLS website within the next two weeks.

GOLD Reimbursement payments (either in the form of electronic transmission or paper checks) should also be dispatched within the next two weeks.

Draft minutes GALSTEER 8/18/07

Draft Minutes
GALILEO Steering Committee
Henry County Public Library
Friday, August 17, 2007
10:00 AM – 12:45 AM

Attendees: Carol Bray, Susan Cooley, Lauren Fancher, Carolyn Fuller, Leigh Hall, Cynthia Henderson, Lynn Kelly, Tamera Lee, Joyce Mills, Merryll Penson, Bill Potter, Kirsten Pylant, Martha Reynolds, Gene Ruffin, Judy Serritella, Rachel Schipper, Joan Taylor, David Tucker, Darro Willey, Toni Zimmerman.

1) Welcome and Introductions (Bray for Lee)
The group introduced themselves.

2) Approval of June 8, 2007 minutes (Bray for Lee)

Board of Education Funding Issues

Because of recent developments with Board of Education funding for may of our library systems, here are the documents and correspondence from Harben & Hartley, Paul Threlkeld (GCPL attorney), Union County Commissioner, and Dr. Veatch. David Singleton did a great memo regarding this as well, but I have been unable to locate it as I recently changed computers and it may have been inadvertently misplaced. He can probably supply it if needed.



Relive, Review, and Renew the Joy of Use Conference 2007

Presentations, handouts, and a specialized bibliography too...

All waiting to be explored from the Joy of Use to you!

-CLICK the links in the "Conference Box" for a cool collaboration clue

-to CONSIDER Library 2.0 and relive, review, and renew!


Sound-Off Georgia Libraries! - It's Your Turn

Your assessment of this conference will help GOLD and GALILEO plan for your future needs and your comments are very important to us - all 334 of you!

More GALILEO EBSCO Online Training Scheduled As of August 10 - Fall (November) 2007

Public Library Directors,

Please note many more GALILEO ONLINE EBSCO Training sessions have been set up from now throughout the fall that may be of interest to you or to members of your staff. Please see message from GALILEO below for instructions for registration. -- Toni Z.

Toni Zimmerman
Director, Resource Sharing & Interlibrary Cooperation
Georgia Public Library Service
A Unit of the University System of Georgia
1800 Century Place, Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30345-4304
Phone: (404) 235-7129 (Effective Monday, 3/6/06)
Fax: (404) 235-7201 (Effective Monday, 3/6/06)

Charge Cards

We all got a flyer from ALA a few months ago, saying that First National Merchant Services was their charge card service provider, and that we could get low prices from First National as a result of their relationship.


Original Question:
There is discussion here of including some new library buildings in the extension of the current SPLOST which would be on the ballot in early February. Over the years there has been much discussion of library SPLOST projects on this list. I have several questions I hope some of you may have answers to.

Can funds for furniture and equipment for library buildings being built with SPLOST funds be included in SPLOST?

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