Meeting Agenda and Minutes - PINES Executive Decisions & PINES Annual Membership Meeting

PINES Executive Committee and Library Directors,

Attached are the DRAFT Agenda for the PINES Executive Committee Decisions Meeting and the Minutes from the February 2008 Executive Committee Meeting. Also attached are the DRAFT Agenda for the PINES Annual Membership Meeting and the Minutes from the May 2007 PINES Annual Membership Meeting.

The Action Items handout for the PINES Executive Committee Decisions Meeting will be made available early next week as we are waiting on subcommittee response and discussion on a couple of topics.


GOLD Reimbursement and ILL Statistics 3rd Qtr - Over 29K Being Returned to Georgia Libraries

3rd Quarter and FY2008 GOLD/OCLC ILL Borrowing and Lending Statistics are now available for download as excel spreadsheets from a customized area of the GPLS website.

The reimbursement payments for loan activity conducted from Jan-Mar
2008(either in the form of electronic transmission or paper checks) will be ready in about two weeks. On this site you can view a complete list of amounts and recipients for the current quarter’s activity. FY07 GOLD ILL stats, for SACS accreditation or other certification needs, are also posted.


HeritageQuest Online FY09 Renewal - Need Response by May 2nd

Two years ago, a core group of public library directors asked GPLS to
coordinate an affordable group subscription to HeritageQuest Online - giving
access to all public library systems through GALILEO. Each year we have
worked to lower the individual system pricing of the total HeritageQuest
group purchase. This price is now only $.008 per capita (using 2009
Household/CNI projected population) -- provided all library systems

Details on the FY09 HeritageQuest renewal are now available on a customized
GPLS Web page:

Simple Advocacy Tips for Library Legislation Day and Beyond

The attachment to this post contains my short and sweet summary of a webinar sponsored by ALA on April 18, 2008: "ALA Legislative Day: What to Know Before You Participate"

The information presented in the webinar could be useful for all library staff and for many different occasions, not just National Legislative Day in May.

At the end of my summary, you will find links to additional sites.

HR Web Site

The Alexander Hamilton Institute is a good place to often turn to for employment law resources, labor law information, human resource compliance, management tips, etc. They sell a lot of handbooks and courses, but there is a great deal of free information that really helps when directing a library system.

Q & A: DVD Storage

Original Question from Lace Keaton:We currently keep DVD's behind the Circ desk and put the boxes on the shelf.
Does anyone have a inexpensive, easy way to file them behind the desk?
Right now we use big tall plastic sleeves with cards that require lots of processing time and seem to scratch the DVD's as they are being pulled in and out of the sleeve.
Until we are able to upgrade to a security system for them,(or it rains $$ in the
swamp) I'm trying to streamline the process and save some time and $$.


IRS Form 900

Original question from Lisa Rigsby: Help please! We are co-applying for a grant. We do not have 501c3 > status-neither organization. I know somewhere there is a
statement/code/something that states that public libraries are exempt-where
can I locate that quickly? I thought I had it on hand, but oops no-another
casualty of a less-than-perfectly-organized office! Thanks so much!

Response from Gary Swint: Internal Revenue Code section 115 actually states that a state government or > a subdivision thereof is tax exempt.

Sec. 115. Income of States, municipalities, etc.

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