New Librarianship Master Class MOOC

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have become extremely popular over the past year and a half through the popularity of open course platforms such as Udacity, Coursera, and edx.  Several prestigious academic institutions, such as Harvard, MIT, Duke, Stanford, and UCLA offer free, non-credit bearing courses to anyone motivated enough to participate in them.  Not to be left behind, libraries are also examining how MOOCs can improve librarianship (see MOOCs and the public library in the May 10, 2013 Library Journal article, Massive Open Opportunity).  I have personally kicked the tires on a couple of MOOCs, such as one on game development with HTML 5 and another on an introduction to computer science to further my professional development, but I have not finished any to date.  That will likely change with the opening of Syracuse University’s iSchool new MOOC, New Librarianship Master Class.

The free New Librarianship Master Class, which will be facilitated online from July 8 to August 4, is taught and moderated by R. David Lankes, Jill Hurst-Wahl, Megan Oakleaf, and Jian Qin.  The course aims to provide a foundation for practicing librarians and library science students in new librarianship – a recast vision of librarianship revolving around the concept that knowledge is created by conversation.  Sounds pretty intriguing to me, and best of all, it is free and you will also receive an electronic certificate of completion for the iSchool if you finish.  Check out the Introduction to the Master Class and Introduction to New Librarianship overview videos to learn more.  Register online with the iSchool if you are interested in participating.

Who knows – maybe I’ll see you in class in a few weeks!   

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