GLEAN for Learners: A Second Preview

I just wrapped up delivering our second GLEAN for Learners preview.  If you were unable to attend, you can view the recording in the above video player.  

I'd also like to share that as of today, we have 996 public library staff who have been pre-registered for GLEAN.  Which library system will send me another batch of users tomorrow and push us over 1,000?  Not too shabby, considering early registration has been open for less than two weeks.

Remember GLEAN goes live on Monday, July 1.  Public library staff members who have been pre-registered will receive their log in credentials at 12:00am on July 1.  Exclusive pre-registration for public libraries runs through July 14, and registration will open to all qualified library personnel on July 15.

Use the "comments and reactions" section below to leave any questions.

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The Countdown Continues


On June 10, 2013, GPLS began exclusive pre-registration for GLEAN for public library systems.  Library directors were asked to submit basic employee information to me via a CSV file, and I in turn would batch upload these users into the GLEAN system.  Since the opening of pre-registration through this morning, eight library systems have been added to GLEAN, accounting for 500+ new accounts.  I’d like to see us hit at least 1,000 by our July 1 launch date. 

We also have two suburban library systems in the metro Atlanta area that have decided to utilize GLEAN as their internal learning management system (LMS).  An LMS is a software platform that allows organizations to automate or more easily administer many aspects of a formal, enterprise-wide training program, such as managing class registrations and rosters, assigning mandatory learning activities to employees, evaluating training initiatives, and running reports.  I plan to document and share best practices and lessons learned from those implementations in a post later this year.

And no worries to the rest of our friends in the Georgia library community — we should be able to allow the following personnel to self-register for GLEAN accounts beginning on July 15:

  • Employees of academic libraries that serve a not-for-profit Georgia college or university
  • Employees of public school libraries/media centers in Georgia
  • Employees of GALILEO
  • Trustees of Georgia public library systems
  • Library science students at Valdosta State University


The countdown to launch continues.

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GLEAN for Learners Preview

Yesterday, nearly 100 eager library staff members attended our first exclusive GLEAN preview for learners.  We highlighted the key changes coming to GPLS’s e-learning program for FY14, discussed a few particulars concerning wrapping up Webjunction course usage (remember, the Webjunction Georgia catalog goes away on June 30), and finally pulled back the curtain on the GLEAN system showcasing the wealth of resources available.  Based on the questions and comments that came up during the preview, I can definitely see that there is genuine excitement about GLEAN from our library community.  If you were unable to attend yesterday’s preview and can’t wait until the next one on July 25th, check out the recording above.  If you have any questions about GLEAN that are not addressed in the preview, leave those in the "comments and reactions" area below and I will make sure you get answers.    

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