Getting Started With GLEAN

This presentation provides an overview to using GLEAN, the Georgia Library Education Access Network, for Georgia's library staff. Learn what you can expect to find in GLEAN, how to use portions of the system to manage your learning, how to contribute to community discussions, and how to take your learning on the go. 

Presentation developed by Karen Douglas from original source files created by Jay Turner.
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  • Becky


    In your “Getting Started With GLEAN by Jarrod Turner, at the bottom of the 2nd slide it reads, “GLEAN is training specifically for library staff. This will not be used for patron training.” Just last week, I was on the GLEAN site, it was awesome, I couldn’t have been more impressed. But now I am unable to get on and reviewing your slide show on ….”Getting Started….” I discovered that GLEAN is no longer available to me? Is that correct?

    Kind regards,