Farewell, Webjunction… Hello, GLEAN


After five years of partnering with OCLC Webjunction to bring e-learning to Georgia’s public libraries, GPLS will no longer be a Webjunction partner as of June 30, 2013. Although we will continue to look for non-monetary means to partner with Webjunction, we have an excellent opportunity to receive significantly more learning content for significantly less by consorting with several universities in the state to license content from SkillSoft. Ultimately, we will be replacing Webjunction’s e-learning platform with the SkillPort learning management system, which will go live on July 1, 2013. This transition will drastically increase the volume of online classes available to you and afford you with more control over your learning. SkillPort will include up to 3,000 self-paced courses – compared to Webjunction’s roughly 300 — covering the following areas:

• Business skills: professional effectiveness, management and leadership, project effectiveness, customer service, finance, human resources, administration, and business strategy and operations

• IT skills: software development, operating systems and server technologies, network technologies, enterprise database systems, and web design

• Desktop skills encompassing common desktop applications, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe products These courses will be supplemented by several thousand online books through the Books 24×7 platform and hundreds of instructional videos. Also, online mentoring and practice tests will be available for leading certification exams.

Although some people may be disappointed with the loss of the small collection of library-related courses developed by LibraryU, GPLS is negotiating with several library continuing education providers to include archives of their webinars in Georgia’s new LMS catalog, so that you will have a cornucopia of relevant, topical content in one place. Stay tuned for more details as we prepare for migrating over to the new system. Please note that even though Georgia will no longer be a Webjunction partner, you will continue to have access to the articles, documents, webinars, and resources on Webjunction.org — just not their online classes.

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